Color Images can meet most all of your Mechanical & Electronic Product Assembly needs. When partnering

with Color Images you can be assured that your product will be treated as if it were our own. We take

pride in printing, assembling, packaging and delivering your product with the highest quality we can produce.

We can assemble your product in house on our ESD benches to prevent static discharge from damaging your

sensitive electronic devices. With the use of our pneumatic screw drivers we can assemble your product with

the torque specification your product requires. We can also do PCB board stuffing and hand soldering of

through-hole circuit boards. At Color Images we can even help you with a product that will need machining

with the use of our machine shop which includes CNC milling and lathe turning. Call our experienced staff

members to discuss your assembly needs at 603-664-7833 or Contact Us by e-mail.