Color Images can provide economical screen printing services.  Screen printing is ideal for flat panels that need your logo or nomenclature printed on them. Screen printing can be applied to many substrates including Plastic, Rubber, Ceramic, Glass,Vinyl, Wood, Metals and Metal Coatings. We will work with you to help guide you through the graphics and layout procedures for your product. Many stock colors are available as well as the Pantone Matching System colors.  At Color Images we assure you that our screen printing process is of  the best quality available. Call our experienced staff to help you decide the best printing or decorating process for your valued product.

Contract Screen Printing Examples

Screen Printing is best suited for nomenclature that needs to be printed on panels or any surface that is flat. Here is a good example of  Screen Printing the nomenclature needed on a flat panel. A proper fixture is important to get consistent alignment every time.



This is another example of  Screen Printing on a flat panel that had a proper fixture made for consistent alignment of  the nomenclature.


At Color Images we can Engrave panels with your custom nomenclature and Decorate it with any color ink you desire. Here is an example of  an engraved panel decorated with black ink.